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Ducted Air Conditioning. What is it?

Ducted Air Conditioning. What is it?

How Does Ducted Cooling Work?

Ducted air conditioning is becoming ever more popular in Australia. It’s affordable, effective, and suited to cooling larger areas with numerous spaces, making it an obvious option for anyone trying to find a new air conditioning system for their house.

How does ducted air conditioning work, exactly? In this short article, we’ll check out the science behind ducted aircon – how it works, the main equipment included, common questions, and more.

If you’re ready to get started though, Brampton Home Sales has had tremendous success using Sigrist Design for our residential ducted air conditioning. They have wonderful service and they’re a Brisbane based company which is always a positive.

What is ducted air conditioning?

A ducted air con unit consists of 2 systems: an indoor unit and an outside unit. The two units collaborate to perform a refrigeration cycle, with conditioned air flowing and provided through a series of vents and ducts. It’s normally the perfect system for bigger structures, due to its performance and ease of control.

How does ducted air conditioning work?

Ducted cooling is a refrigerated cooling system that uses refrigerants to change air temperature levels. Refrigerant is a compound that can easily alter between gas and liquid, and as it goes through this procedure, it changes temperature level. The ducted system uses this temperature level modification to cool or heat air that it pulls from your house.

The main components of cooled cooling systems are condensers, evaporators, and compressors. When on cooling mode, a streamlined variation of the refrigeration procedure in a ducted system works as follows:


Warm air is drawn out from your house with a blower, which it transfers through ducts to the evaporator coils in the indoor unit. These coils consist of cold, low-pressure refrigerant which takes in the heat from the warm air, and turns it into a high-pressure gas. As the warm air from your house blows over the evaporator coils, it ends up being cool, and is provided back to your house through vents/diffusers in the ceiling.


The high-pressure refrigerant gas flows through to the compressor in the outside system. The compressor pressurises the gas, which condenses it into a liquid.


The liquid circulates through to the condenser’s coils, also in the outdoor system. A fan blows over the coils, which dissipates some of the heat from the liquid refrigerant inside. The liquid then goes through an expansion valve, which depressurises and cools it much more, prior to being passed back to the evaporator to duplicate the cycle.

Other noteworthy elements of a ducted aircon system include:

  • The return air grill: this is where the air is pulled into your house.
  • Filter: the filter is located in the return air grille, and helps to filter dust, dirt, and other toxins.
  • Thermostat: the thermostat (or sensing unit) measures the temperature of the location being conditioned, enabling the system to adjust if essential.
  • Controllers: Controllers are where you adjust the system, and are typically mounted on the wall. You can manage the system from other devices such as your phone, tablet, or laptop if you have a ducted air conditioning system with smart features.

What are the zones in a ducted aircon system?

A ducted air con is a kind of central air that uses ducts to channel air throughout the system. With the use of ducts, the system has the ability to reach various locations of the house, which are called zones. In a larger property, you may have 4 different zones– one for the primary living location, one for the kitchen area, one for the master bedroom, and one for a smaller bedroom.

What is ducted reverse cycle cooling?

Ducted reverse cycle aircon units are able to reverse the refrigeration cycle, which permits them to both cool and heat a property. When the refrigeration cycle is reversed, the condenser ends up being an evaporator, and cool air is pulled into the system and transformed to heat. The majority of modern-day ducted air conditioners have reverse cycle ability.

What is a ducted inverter air conditioning system?

Inverter technology allows an air conditioner’s compressor to change speed. In older air conditioning systems, the compressor has two modes– on, or off.

What’s the difference between ducted air conditioning and split system cooling?

Ducted aircon and split system air conditioning both use refrigerated cooling to manage a building’s environment. The primary distinction is that ducted systems utilize versatile ducting to distribute and disperse air, whereas split systems utilize wall-mounted units that pump air directly into the space.

Ducted systems tend to be more suited to larger residential or commercial properties, where numerous areas are being cooled or heated up. Split systems are generally advised if you’re trying to cool simply one or two rooms, which you wish to set the temperature for separately.

Where do the systems of a ducted system go?

The indoor unit of a ducted system is typically installed in the ceiling cavity, however, it can often be installed below the flooring (if there suffices space).

The outdoor unit is positioned outside. It releases warm air from the system and also contains a fan (which can be a little loud), so tends to be placed far from any living space.

Should I Get A Ducted Air Condition System?

Ducted air conditioning units have been a popular option for Brisbane citizens for many years, able to handle the local weather conditions. The warranty a brand name provides for their ducted air conditioning unit is the 2nd thing to consider. A good ducted air conditioning unit service warranty ought to have a parts and labour period of at least 12 months.

Who Can Install Ducted Air Conditioning?

Residential or commercial property builders and professionals have a much better insight on which branded ducted cooling unit offers value for cash. Specialists may likewise understand which brand supplies better client service assistance and warranty protection. You can request their suggestions if you are hiring them to remodel or build your home. We have used Sigrist Design here in Brisbane before and they are very knowledgeable and provide custom project work for their clients.

If you are trying to find a quality air conditioning system for your Queensland house look no further than Sigrist Design. If you need help, send us an enquiry or call us for a free quote for your office or home. Brampton Home Sales will be happy to work with you to make sure you’re getting the right system for your home.

Fatbergs Go From The UK To Australia

Fatbergs Go From The UK To Australia

A goliath “fatberg,” a monstrous glob of solidified oil, oil and moist disposable clothes that is more than “six multi level buses” in size is stopping up a sewer in the English town of Sidmouth.

The dreadful blockage was discovered recently in the coastline town, with authorities saying it’s “the biggest fatberg ever found in the southwest.”

“It’s around 64-meters in length, which is what might be compared to around six multi level buses,” South West Water’s Andrew Roantree said. “It’s framed from an enormous of hardened fat and moist disposable clothes and other material from inside the sewer.

In 2017, a 250-meter fatberg was found in sewers underneath Whitechapel in east London. A piece of that later went in plain view at the Historical center of London, settled inside straightforward boxes.

Presently Fatberg’s have spread over to Australia. Sydney Water are requesting that individuals reevaluate their flushing propensities after various ‘fatbergs’ have showed up in the city’s sewers.

A ‘fatberg’ is framed when squander, moist disposable clothes and other unfamiliar materials – blend in with fat, oil and oils to coagulate in a solitary mass.

The bunch develops and can bring about huge sewer blockages. Because of the different materials restricting along with fats, the majority become “rock hard” and should be taken out physically.

Know your moist disposable clothes

One of the major questions adding to this contamination in sewers is understanding was ‘flushable’ truly implies with regards to items like moist disposable clothes.

“Purchasers are utilizing moist disposable clothes and flushing them down their latrines in light of the fact that various brands actually have flushable composed on them, or there is the discernment they are flushable,” Sydney Water representative Peter Hadfield said.

Sydney Water eliminates over 500kg of wipes from our organization consistently at an expense of more than $8 million dollars.

A month ago, the Australian Rivalry and Customer Commission offered a Government Court choice to excuse part of its argument against Kimberly-Clark.

The guard dog affirmed that in addressing its Kleenex Cottonelle wipes as ‘flushable’, the organization had deluded customers.

“Kimberly-Clark’s flushable cases ought to have been discovered to be deluding on the grounds that there was proof of the danger of mischief these wipes presented to the sewerage framework,” ACCC Seat Bar Sims said in an articulation.

Sydney Water says from their point of view, no moist disposable clothes are flushable.

“Recall the three Ps – the solitary things that you should flush down your latrine are pee, crap and (tissue!” Hadfield revealed to The Feed.

Fortunately, the nearby ‘bergs could not hope to compare to a portion of its English partners.

The UK has a long history of fatbergs.

Recently a monster fatberg estimating in excess of two tennis courts long was found hindering a sewer in the shoreline town of Sidmouth.

The 64m long bunch is the greatest of its sort found in South West Britain.

In 2017, a ‘beast’ 250m long fatberg was found in a sewer in east London. The ‘monster’ gauged nearly 130 tons and required nine weeks to discard.

The trick to stopping your very own Fatberg is to know what you are flushing and ensure you talk to a plumber. Seeing as Sydney is our main topic today with the Fatbergs now moving overseas there is the potential of other areas in Australia to experience a similar situation. If you are in Brisbane, Australia and would like to prevent your own Fatberg or even just need emergency plumbing for other clogs or issues you’re experiencing we would recommend The Brisbane Plumbers. The Brisbane plumbers are a great emergency plumber and are definitely the go-to for plumbing in Brisbane.

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