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The luxurious chateau that was once home to the Rose family on the hit TV arrangement Schitt’s River is available for more than $15 million AUD.

In the event that you’ve ever longed for living like a Hollywood star or having that A Smidgen Alexis way of life, the rambling 12-room chateau could be for you.

The three-story Toronto property, known as La Beauty Maison, draws motivation from seventeenth century French design with stunning crystal fixtures and frescos all through.

It highlighted in the absolute first scene of the show, when the high-flying Rose family found their business administrator had escaped with their cash, leaving them with only one resource — a deed to the town of Schitt’s Spring.

The passage to the property, on a rambling 2230-square-meter block, includes a terrific marble flight of stairs and frescos motivated by the Sistine Sanctuary.

Notwithstanding 12 rooms — which offer a lot of room to redesign your weaves or hang your number one hairpieces — the property has 16 restrooms, leaving for 14 vehicles, a huge kitchen and formal living and lounge areas.f

At that point there is the dinner lobby where you also can toss rich Christmas celebrations, just as a home theater, a games room, a wellness room, wine basement, indoor and open air pools, a sauna, and outside seating territory.

The chateau was first inherent 2012 and has been available since 2018, Forbes reports, yet has had a few value cuts throughout the long term. It’s presently recorded for $C14.98 million ($A15.25 million) with Khoren Mardoyan, of Homelife/Vision Realty.

Then again, for those with more unassuming tastes, the “Rosebud Inn”, which the anecdotal family migrated to, is likewise available.

Known as the Hockley Inn in the reality, the 10-room property was recorded for $C2 million before the end of last year.

However, be cautioned, Moira Rose was not a fan. “Get a sledge and nail this casket shut,” she argued on her first night at the anecdotal rendition of the inn.